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Lottie - new member of the team at VillaSpain - Thu 26th May 2011

 It's true to say that you do go all soft and gooey eyed when a pup joins the family.

Lottie is just 10 weeks old and a very adorable chocolate brown Cockapoo. More Cocker Spaniel than poodle, it seems.

It has been a long time since having a dog, so updating myself on those books entitled how to bring up a dog has been absorbed.

Lottie just loves lying over your shoe to make sure she has a tag on you, as she is not keen yet on being left alone.

If you have a pet then why not take him/her with you to Spain.

Take a look at the Newsletter here for details about useful links and those villas that are pet friendly.

Posted by Bruce Gibson

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