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Have you experienced your holiday accommodation being cancelled? - Tue 07th August 2012

Cancelled accommodation more common today and why!

There has been a marked increase of telephone calls this year from holidaymakers that have been let down on their villa booking.

Various reasons are given and include suddenly unavailable, illness of owner or the villa is sold and even the odd repossession by the bank.

What is happening is that with some owners that advertise privately the property they may well be listed for sale too, and in these troubled economic times with villa sales flat in Spain, some owners sell the villa and renege on their letting commitments.

Booking with an agent ensures that another villa will be available to you if such a situation ever occurred, unlike a private owner advertiser that does not have other villas listed.

Should you book a weekday arrival and departures then it could be difficult to find alternative accommodation, particularly in summer when villas may be on a Saturday changeover.

Posted by Bruce Gibson

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