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Beware Holiday Let Cheats - Wed 08th May 2013


Recent media coverage by the Guardian Newspaper at about HomeAway, the US major accommodation listing company, reports on holidaymakers losing thousands of pounds because of fictitious listings, with no support or compensation.

Such unfortunate stories have been reported time and again by the media over the years, which serve to demonstrate that nothing can be done to stop this malicious practice. So how can you protect yourself?

It may be a bore for those that have read our financial security page about protecting yourself on page , but to repeat the mantra: Paying by credit card is the only safeguard against any type of fraud. By paying a minimum of £100 gives you full protection under section 75 of the 1974 credit card act, for which you then get an immediate refund. Paying by cheque or making a bank transfer to any party offers no protection whatsoever should the advertiser disappear or the advert was found to be fraudulent.

Posted by Bruce Gibson

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