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Some words and phrases for your Spanish holiday - Tue 11th May 2010

It is always nice to be able to say a few words of the local language when you are abroad but it can be a bit daunting. Picture this ..... before your holiday and with all good intentions you buy a phrase book so you are ready to converse with the locals and ....... be at one with them. You arrive in the country all excited and raring to speak "the lingo". Sit down in a restaurant, look at the menu, flip through the phrase book and even before you can decipher the first word the waiter is there, towering above you, rattling off a sentence ... or is it one very long word, I'm sure there were no gaps in between!! Anyway, you are staring open mouthed at him and already you know he has decided that ..... YOU are a moron!! O.K, quick say something ... Errr ...avez vous...err ........cuppa..Doh!! We've all been there haven't we? There is so much in a phrase book that by the time you look a word up, 6 hours have passed!! It is much better to learn just a few good words/phrases rather than try and prepare for every eventuality. So I have listed a few simple words and phrases below. If you wish to learn more Spanish then please go to .

A few every day words/phrases:-
Goodbye - adiós
Hello - hola [ola]
Left/Right - izquierda/derecha [ith-keer- dah]
No/Yes - no/ si­
Pardon - perdón
Please - por favor
Sir/Madam/Miss – señor/ señora/ señorita
Thanks - gracias [grathyas]
You're welcome - de nada
Do you speak English? - ¿Habla inglés? [ah-blah]
No Comprendo – I don’t understand
Can you help me? - ¿Puedes ayudarme? [poo-edes]
How much is it? - ¿Cuánto es? [kwanto es]
We're looking for ... - Estamos buscando [es-tamos boos-kando]
I would like to see the menu, please? - ¿ Quiero ver el menú, por favor? [key-ero]
To start, I would like ..? - De primero me gustaría..[goos-tayria]
For the main course ... - Como plato principal ...

A phrase book is always a good idea anyway. Once you are comfortable with the few basic words above you will then feel more confident to refer to the phrase book more often. Thus expanding your language skills. Like us, people all over the world appreciate it if you try saying a few words of their language. It shows you are trying, that you respect their country and their language.



Some words and phrases for your  Spanish holiday

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