If you have a luxury, quality, villa with a private swimming pool and good views, in the area of Moraira,Calpe,Altea or Denia, and would like to be included on our website then please contact us.

Got a luxury villa you want to rent?
A good description, with location and attached photographs would help us.

If you are inclined to rent your villa yourself then do consider the following points:
• Just a few weeks void periods in summer is really the sum cost of engaging a professional dedicated firm like VillaSpain to handle the rentals.
• Having to deal with each client communication and issues that arise in the pre-booking and post-booking process, as well as the logistics involved in Spain can be very involved and time consuming.
• One simple mistake of a double booking made and you risk a loss greater than the rental being charged. You may also be responsible not only for the accommodation, but flight costs and loss of holiday enjoyment too.
• Do you have alternative accommodation to offer in the event of a major issue arising at your property? Like failure of house electricity, septic tank issues, broken water supply pipes, major building works from adjacent properties or road works that can make the villa impassable, uninhabitable or impossible to occupy?
• A more litigious public can make you vulnerable to such issues, let alone other legal implications should the villa not be attended to speedily in the event of a problem occurring. How reliable are the contacts and support on the ground in Spain should something go wrong?
• Consider the hassle of collecting deposits, balances and refunding damage deposits, paying third parties, updating details, costs of admin etal, and most importantly who is there to answer the phone in the UK and Spain 7 days a week all year around in this speedy service-dependant business, since a mobile or answer machine is not really the ticket.
• The public are also more aware about financial security today, so unless one is setting up as a credit card merchant account the holidaymaker can feel very vulnerable. The consumer credit act protects all personal credit card holders when they make a credit card transaction over £100, so are then fully protected.
• Web site presence is essential today, but even this medium needs to be much more than a few listings if one is to achieve visitors in any number that actually book. Altogether, it can be a time consuming and high risk exercise to go it alone with inadequate income.

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