Benidorm FiestasBenidorm Fiestas

January 5 - Cabalgata de Reyes (Three Wise Men). The 3 Wise men (or 3 Kings) arrive on the 5th January to parade through the streets of Benidorm giving away gifts to the children. Although Father Christmas is getting more popular in Spain, the official present givers are still the 3 wise men. Children in Spain will usually receive a gift at Christmas, but will look forward to the 6th January for all their main gifts….. lucky them … Christmas twice!!!
March 17 - St Patrick’s Day. Although not an official Fiesta in Benidorm, the Spanish do recognize all Saints days. Most bars in Benidorm will have special events on this day and the Guinness will be flowing freely!
March 14-19 - Las Fallas de San José. This is a huge Fiesta in Valencia and Benidorm, which culminates in the burning of huge cardboard models and amazing fireworks displays, a visual feast. This Fiesta is to celebrate the beginning of spring. 
April 1-8 - Easter Week Fiesta (Semana Santa). In the UK we have an Easter weekend, in Spain it's the whole week!!! It's more of a low key celebration with processions from the main church.
Easter week is usually a very busy week for the Spanish bars in Benidorm.
May 1 - Fiesta De La Creu. This is one of the most traditional fiestas in the region and begins with "vestida de la Creu", which gives way to the ringing of the bells, parades and a floral offerings in the streets of the Old Town.
June 17-22 - Fogueres de Sant Joan (Bonfires of Saint John). Bonfires at La Cala (Gran Bali), Mercado and Park Elx,and Cala Poniente are exhibited. Culminates on
the 24th when they are all burnt. Four days of contests and fireworks. Be at La Cala beach on the night
of the 23rd - not to missed. Thousands of people on the beach with 100´s of bonfires and at midnight
everyone heads into the sea.
July 14-19 - Fiestas de la Virgen del Carmen (Fishermen Fiesta). The Patron Saint of sailors is honoured in Benidorm. The recital of verses by a young girl from the town to the Virgin is one of the most solemn acts ofthe festivities. Takes place at the harbour and old town church.
Moors & ChristiansOctober 4-10 - Moros y Cristianos (Moors & Christians Fiesta) The Benidorm folk get ready for one of the most flamboyant fiestas of the year: The Moors and Christians Fiesta in Benidorm (Moros y Cristianos). The Moors and Christians Fiesta is celebrated throughout Spain, but mainly in coastal towns where they celebrate ousting the Moors from each individual town.
A large Castle is built in the Plaza De Hispanidad (or in front of McDonalds to you), in the Old Town. From here the Christians will fire fireworks at the bearded Moors, who will inevitably loose this battle, yet again!
If you are in Benidorm in the first week of October, get yourselves down to the Square in front of McDonalds to witness some of the spectacle for yourselves. And, as is the tradition in Benidorm, every night of the Fiesta will end with firework display
November 11-16 - A fiesta celebrating the arrival of the Virgin Mary to the shore of Benidorm and also the Patron Saint of Benidorm - San Jaime. This is by far Benidorms largest spectacles of the year culminating in one of the best fireworks displays you’ll ever see over Dove Park, Poniente beach. Some people say that it beats any display they have seen and that includes Disney Land, Florida!
The whole week is a very noisy affair; the locals get themselves together in groups of what they call Penyas. A penya will take over a bar or an empty shop unit for the week and just have a party with free beer, wine and sangria. Unfortunately, you will have to be invited to the Penya. Be warned that this is a very noisy week in the Old Town of Benidorm with the constant partying, fireworks, bands and kids letting off loud bangers in the streets.
During this week there are loads of extra events in the Square during the daytime and a large fun-fair will be set up at the top of the hill by the Bull Ring (Plaza de Toros). There are many other events happening all around the Old Town so just have a wander round and see for yourself what's going on.
November 16 - Fiesta de "la Carxofa". Festival of the Artichoke …… told you they celebrate anything!!! Actually it’s kind of like a thanksgiving or harvest festival. Dates vary - usually the third weekend of November. The burning of the artichoke takes place in the Square in front of The Queens and The Beer Barrel English bar, Benidorm Old Town, so a good view can be had from their terraces.
December: Don't Forget Christmas - Feliz Navidad!
As a Catholic country, Christmas is one of the main events of the year for most Spaniards. There will be a large nativity scene set up in the Old Town, just down from the Pig and Whistle Pub ….. how convenient!!! 
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