What is included & Extra Charges

Prices indicated are for the rental of the whole villa and include all utilities (electric, gas, water etc), unless stated.
Prices are competitively set for bookings of two weeks or more. This £35 surcharge goes towards the extra administration and cleaning of the accommodation and applies to bookings upto, and including, 13 nights.
For bookings of 3-6 nights, where available, then a further daily surcharge is made which contributes to the cleaning of the villa. This is calculated on the booking form.
£200 for known clients and £350 in the case of unknown clients or Euro equivalent. Held in case of damage to the villa and its contents. This is normally refunded within 14 working days of your return from holiday, providing there is no damage.
Where there are extra charges based upon usage (Central Heating/Air Conditioning/Swimming pool heating) meter readings will be taken at the start & end of the rental period and charged per accordingly. This will be deducted from the deposit or charged to your Credit card.
Meterage usage rates at villa Mirador al sur, are as follows;
Air-Con/Warm Air Panasonic Inverters units are less than 1kw each. Cost is 31p per meter unit used - more info below.

Pool heating - Jetline inverter; Rate is 31p kwh plus pump operation. Total = 31p (pool heater) plus 31p (pump activation) per kwh = Cost is 62p per meter unit used. At full capacity over a 24 hour period under spring and autumn test conditions it used 43kwh 43 x 62p = £26.66 per 24 hours. Note: it is best not to heat the pool in summer or it would be too warm - more info below.

Gas Central heating - Combination boiler. Cost is £4.17 per meter unit used. Average usage is between £50 and £100 per week for gas - more info below.

Additional information and breakdown of meterage costs as at June 2022;

Air/con combined with warm air units - The Panasonic inverters installed at Mirador are very cost efficient to run, though are not that efficient when the temperature is very cold when you may well need the central heating on in the evening, or on for a short period. Air/con and warm/air heating remains inexpensive to use with the highly efficient Panasonic Inverters in each room. If a bedroom unit is on the coldest setting, then the maximum cost per hour is .7 of a Kw. 0.700 x 31p= 22p per hour. To heat the room, apart from using the gas central heating, is 0.820 x 31 =25p per hour The cost is usually half of this because when the room cools down or warms up, then the motor doesn’t have to work so hard. Obviously, the door and windows should be closed. If using during the day then draw the curtains. On average if the air/con in a bedroom is on for 8 hours per 24 hour day, then reckon a cost of up to £1.76 per unit per day. Instead of engaging the cool or heat Modes use the Dry Mode, which is healthier, very quiet and half the cost to run.

Pool heating - is via a Jetline inverter and cost efficient to run. Rate is 31p kwh plus pump operation (1.2kw pump = 37p kwh less the normal pump daily cycle use of 4 hrs of off peak is 17% less, gives a rate again of 31p per kwh). Total = 31p (pool heater) plus 31p (pump activation) per kwh = 62p per kwh. At full capacity over a 24 hour period under spring and autumn test conditions it used 43kwh within a 24 hour period. 43 x 62p = £26.66 per 24 hours. Note: it is best not to heat the pool in summer or it would be too warm. Booklet is in villa folder. Jetline say under their test conditions of Air temp 26 degrees and water at 26 that power input is between 0.87 and 3.44 kw. On average we found it was just under 2kw, hence 43 kwh used over 24 hours.

Gas Central heating - Average usage is between £50 and £100 per week for gas. If you have the central heating running all the time during your stay, or if you have the heating thermostat set to a high temperature then these average guidance figures will change accordingly. Most economical use in winter is to run air/con warm air units in Dry Mode until you find you need to put the central heating on. Avoid having units on during the day or when you are out. If, during your stay, you are exceeding the average normal usage, then we may be obliged to charge additional usage on your credit card. The supervisor will inform you, in the case of 35 kilo gas bottles, that usage is unusually high, in the event that you wish to moderate your usage, since we do not control what you use. Gas 35 kilo bottles. Formula for converting m3 to kilo weight of gas consumed is m3 x 2 Therefore, a 35 kilo large bottle, on a supervised delivery, cost 83.90€ divided by 35 (kilos of gas in bottle) = 2.397 x 2 (formula) = 4.79€ divided by 1.15 (exchange rate) = £4.17 per unit. Please note that these prices are a guide, since fuel prices fluctuate, as does the exchange rate. Please also note that we are not in control of your usage at the villa.

LINEN (bed linen/towels)
Linen hire is not included in the rental, and charged extra.
Includes towels (hand, bath & tea, but not beach) and a shower mat.
You have the option of :-
1) £12 per person, provides a supply of the linen only and allows you to launder it yourself, whowever long you stay.
2) £12 per person per change, which allows a supply of fresh linen after the first week ie. 2 weeks stay, with a change, would be £24 per person.
3) Bring your own linen - for those driving down.
typical Z-bed Z-BED HIRE
£59 per week. Where a villa is large enough to accommodate one, and has enough practical facilities (please consult with us first), then a Z-bed can be hired to accommodate an extra person.
Bookings of 8 and 9 days will not incur more than the weekly charge, whereas bookings of 10-13 days will incur a 2 week rental charge.
 typical travel cot COT HIRE
£23.50 per week. These are usually the large collapsible floor-standing travel cots. Includes linen.
Bookings of 8 and 9 days will not incur more than the weekly charge, whereas bookings of 10-13 days will incur a 2 week rental charge.
£12 per week.
Bookings of 8 and 9 days will not incur more than the weekly charge, whereas bookings of 10-13 days will incur a 2 week rental charge.

£18 - Basics (milk, water, bread etc) to help until the next time you go to the supermarket - for late flights essentially.
This consists of €11 worth of groceries and the cost of arranging this.
£41 - Cleaning is not provided during your holiday so you may request an optional 2 hour mid-stay clean - after first week, for a two week stay, or you can request when you prefer.
Where not stated in the villa details, these can be hired. The charge for the hire of a fan is £9.50 per week, per fan. This includes the administration, collection, delivery and re-collection of the fan. Bookings of 8 and 9 days will not incur more than the weekly charge, whereas bookings of 10-13 days will incur a 2 week rental charge.
You can make additions to your original booking (linen, cot, high chair, hamper etc) upto one week before your holiday date. If after this date then a £10 amendment charge is made to above changes. 
Should you request any of the above items whilst you are in Spain, which has not been ordered prior to your arrival to the villa, then it will incur extra charges, including call-out. All charged from the UK, and will be debited from your account in sterling.
Call-out for above, or any unnecessary call-outs, would be £25 which includes the UK admin cost.
Important - In order to avoid call-out charges then please do double check that you have ordered above items available to you in advance. In particular, that you have ordered sufficient bed linen and that if you chose not to have a linen change then this is indeed correct. The beds will be made up according to the bed configuration you advised of, so do check.
Note that changes made within one week prior to your holiday incurs a £10 UK admin charge only.
typical Z-bedPETS AT VILLAS
Please check with us and respect the rules. Where accepted, you must obtain written permission from Villaspain, and the pet owner must ensure that the pet does not go onto any furnishings or scratch or mark any surfaces. That when taking the dog for a walk it should be on a lead and that a pooper scooper is used. That the dog will not be a nuisance (barking etc) to other property owners in the area, support staff visiting the villa, or other holidaymakers.Any fouling in the garden must be cleared up.
There is no charge for Credit or Visa Debit cards. By using a Visa Debit you are protected with the Chargeback scheme, which offers similar protection under the consumer credit act of 1975. Alternatively, pay the minimum £100 by credit card and pay the balance by visa debit, cheque or online transfer to be fully protected for the full sum under the consumer credit card act. More info.


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