Restaurants in Moraira


ALGAS Crta. Moraira-Calpe – Moraira Tel: 96 574 56 81
ANDALUZ C/ Pintor Greco, 7 - Moraira Tel: 96 649 01 51
This family run restaurant not only has a varied menu, but also their specialities - fish, barbecued meats and home cooking are the main dishes of this restaurant. Does quite a good Flamenco show at weekends for a very reasonable price.
ANMARI Avda. De la Paz 22, Moraira, Tel 966490866
Anmari is a french tea room in front of the beach in Moraira. They have delicious creps,pancakes, croissant and a yummy milfeuille. A very nice place to go and the staff is always please to see you..
ANTONIET Avda. de la Paz, 18 - Moraira Tel: 96 574 4016
Found on the corner, facing the beach and bay, of one of the new apartment blocks in Moraira, where there is a palm tree-lined square in the middle. It looks touristy but it is frequented by locals, especially on Sunday afternoons when whole families eat out. This is the place for long leisurely lunches. A good salad then Arroz Abanda is highly recommended, otherwise good quality fresh fish. Get there for 1pm and take your time and don't hurry - the waiters (family run) don't mind!
ARNESOL C/ Cigüeña, 10 – Moraira Tel. 96 574 52 06
AVENIDA Avda. del Mediterráneo, 11 -Teulada Tel: 96 574 14 61
AZAHARA Crta. Teulada-Moraira - Teulada Tel: 96 649 08 00
BAJUL Avenida De La Paz Tel: 34 965 743 381
This super Indonesian Restaurant has just opened in Moriara. Quite often Chinese restaurants on the Costa Blanca offer what they pretend is Indonesian food in their menus - but it is never as tasty nor as well presented as the real thing. Try the Rijsttafel which comprised 16 different dishes. It is excellent and good value. The restaurant has air conditioned smoking and non smoking areas, as well as dining tables outside.
BELA DAMA C/ Pintor Lopez Mezquita 9, 18002, Moraira, Tel 965744329
Originally Club Nautico restaurant. Offers great food, well cooked and in great location. Owners also own Le Dauphin (see below). A la carte in the evenings, lunch menu Mon-Fri only. Fabulous chill out bar above "The Upperclub" (see below)
BISTRO Placa de la Sort - Moraira Tel: 96 574 45 68
BON PROFIT Paseig del Senillar, 7 – MorairaTel: 96 649 08 58
BONA GENT Crta. Moraira-Calpe, 302 – MorairaTel: 96 649 87 31
Belgian restaurant serving international fine food at the Moravit Shopping Centre a small but friendly restaurant. Some know it as Meli-Melo.
CABO DE LA NAO  Tel 96 577 1835
on the cliff next to the lighthouse Fantastic views and good food.
CAFÉ WEIN Tel. 96 579 3804
3 km along the Calpe road serves coffee, pastries and sandwiches and they also bake a range of classic bread, cake and pastry specialities from all around the world - fresh every day. Try them for bread, pastries and croissants, consider having breakfast here.
Cala Iaia On the road going out of Moriara to Teulada. Tel 965741557
Excellent high class Spanish food. Very pretty surroundings.
CAP D'OR C/ Castillo, 8 - Moraira Tel: 96 649 22 21
CASA CANTÓ C/ Benissa - Teulada Tel : 965 730 629
Beautifully set, good quality Spanish restaurant in Benissa. Good menus from €25 including nice wine. Just pull up outside and the doorman will park your car!
CASA DORITA C/ Barranquet - Moraira Tel: 96 574 48 61
Tucked away from the high street in Moraira, opposite the church on the pedestrianised street, this family run restaurant offers excellent regional dishes, frequented by local Spanish, and is recommended in the Michelin guide. The large restaurant has tables nicely spaced out to afford privacy and they specialise in locally caught fresh fish, usually grilled.
CASA JUAN Ctra. Moraira-Calpe, 251 – Moraira Tel: 96 574 86 49
CASA PEPE C/ Haya, 51 - Moraira Tel: 96 649 01 44
Good for wine lovers. Beautifully appointed restaurant with a very modern/trendy cuisine. You can dine outside in summer.
CASA PEDRO Avda. Santa Catalina – Teulada Tel: 96 574 08 15
CASERÍO Crta. Teulada-Moraira - Moraira Tel: 96 574 54 11
is towards Teulada, just past the Barclaycentre is , where a range of international and local food can be enjoyed both inside outside on the large terraces.
CASITA SUIZA Crta. Moraira-Calpe Km 2,5 – Moraira
CHAPEAU Camino del Paellero – Moraira Tel: 96 574 54 10
CHIMEZA Crta. Moraira-Calpe - Moraira
Very basic with several tables on an open platform inches away from the sea but what is especially nice is that it is right next to a sandy beach, of the same name, where you can relax after a nice leisurely long lunch - particularly good value three course set menu including wine. On the Moraira-Calpe coastal road after a mile you will see the restaurant next to a car park and promenade over the beach.
CHINO BAMBÚ ORIENTE Crta. Moraira-Calpe Km 1 - Moraira Tel: 96 649 13 39
CHINO GOLDEN BAY C/ Castillo, 16 03724 Moraira
CHINO GRAN MURALLA Crta. Moraira-Calpe – Moraira
CHINO HONG KONG Crta. Teulada-Moraira – Moraira
CHINO JUMBO C/ Tosqueres - Moraira Tel: 96 574 55 06
CHINO NI HAO Avda. de la Paz, 10 - Moraira
CLUB NÁUTICO now called Bela Dama (see above).
COSTA MAR C.C. Barclays Bank, Local 52 - Moraira Tel: 96 574 51 69 - 646 50 41 45
DEGUST/GRAN café C/ Moraira town centre 96 649 0808
Spanish owners in a very good location. Brand new, ultra modern style ,only opened June 2007 with great atmosphere. Excellent food. Expect a bit of up-selling on the wine.
DELHI Dr. Calatayud, 26 – Moraira Tel: 96 649 22 82
DEL MAR By the entrance to the Marina/Club Nautico. Tel 965 745 153
They specialise in creative dishes made with the freshest meat, locally caught fish and seafood, and fresh ingredients bought daily. Relaxed and elegant setting with fine wines, and freshly home baked bread to accompany every meal. Superb location, sensational service, will ensure that your meal will be an experience.
ELEVEN Calle Castillo 26, Moraira, Tel 966490060
The food is fresh, home cooked and imaginative. The service is friendly and personal - the Dutch owners serve in the restaurant. Apart from dinner, it is open during the day as a café with outside seating. Lunch menu, Club sandwiches with good chips(not frozen) & great salads.
EL GAUCHO Ctra. Moraira-Calpe – Moraira Tel: 96 574 75 50
EL NIDO Placa de la Sort – Moraira Tel: 96 574 53 95
EL PESCADOR C/ del Mar, 33 - Moraira Tel: 96 649 06 16
Special fresh fish dishes, directly in the Port of Moraira.
EL POLLO LOCO Crta. Moraira-Calpe Km. 1,5 – Moraira Tel: 96 574 84 61
EL REFUGIO C/ Almacenes, 5 - Moraira Tel: 96 574 47 74
EL SALMANTINO Crta. Moraira-Calpe - Moraira Tel: 96 649 22 31
GEMISANT Crta. Moraira-Calpe Km. 1,5 - Moraira Tel: 98 574 43 12
1.5 km along Calpe road from Moraira is run by the Refugio Valles Family (Isabel and Juan) is the spacious - international and local dishes in a friendly, lively atmosphere with pizzas and pastas.
HIMALAYA TANDOORI Avenida del Portet 41 - Moraira. Tel 965 744 980
Nepalese & Indian cuisine. Take away service available. Great food, lovely people, good price. Must book
HUANG ZHOU Crta. Moraira-Calpe – Moraira
Chinese restaurant which is on the coast road leaving Moraira towards Calpe, not too far from the village.
JACARANDA Camino viejo del Portet, 135 – Moraira Tel: 96 574 58 80
is just a few minutes drive of the centre of town, and yet located in a very quiet and attractive residential area about 250 metres above sea level. The roof terrace has stunning views across the valley and the vineyards towards Calpe and Benidorm.
JAPONES TEPPAN YAKI NIPPON C/ Castillo, 26 - Moraira Tel: 96 649 00 60
JASMINE Thai Restaurant. Town centre 96 5744205
Nice modern looking venue, warm welcome. Good food and well priced. Take-aways available.
KOSTA Calle Mulhacen 7, Tel 34 96 649 2231
This is a Dutch owned restaurant on the Moraira to Calpe road. The place has been decorated in stunning "minimalist" colours, with a fascinating changing light pattern to entertain you over dinner. A superb menu, very reasonable prices and excellent service.
L´ESBARDAL C/ La Mar, 13 - Moraira Tel: 96 574 57 06
L´SCALA Crta Benitachell-Javea, Benitachell Tel: 96 649 3250
This one you have to try! Set in an old rustic farmhouse home of a very eccentric Argentinean (a former opera singer who is known for his impromptu recitals). They serve superb meats that are hung over a barbecue, an Argentinean speciality, and you can have a light tapas for starters all reasonably priced. The house wine, served in jugs, is recommended. They also have a lovely outside terrace, with a small number of tables, with fantastic valley views. An experience that is always enjoyable. Best to book either by popping in during the day or by telephoning. There is a sign for the restaurant on the Benitachell-Javea road, about 1 km from the traffic light junction, where you turn right.
LA BONA TAULA Crta. Moraira-Calpe Km. 1,5 - Moraira Tel: 96 849 02 06
1.5 km. along the Calpe road, is located on the cliff edge with steps down to the beach. It specialises in fresh fish and Galician meats.
LA BRISA C/ Calpe – Teulada Tel : 629 23 24 90
LA CHACA Moraira-Calpe, Tel/fax 96 574 7706
Belgian establishment excellent quality, good prices. Approx. 4 km down the coast from Moraira. Must book, except Monday.
LA FONDA DEL RECUERDO Crta. Moraira-Calpe Km. 3 – Moraira
LA GALERA C/ del Mar, 39 - Moraira Tel: 98 574 49 22
LA ISLA C/ Alejandría, 3 – Moraira Tel: 96 574 88 50
LA LUNA Moraira near the bon bon shop Tel 966 490 233
A la carte menu, Deli board, Pastries and sandwiches, good selection of wines. Great value lunches €12. Evening meals around €25 for 3 courses. (Mar 09)
LA MARMITA Ctra. Teulada-Benimarco, 27 – Teulada Tel: 96 574 80 27
LA POSADA C/ Móstoles,54 - Moraira Tel: 96 574 46 96
LA SORT (now SAND) Avda. de Madrid, 1 - Moraira Tel: 96 574 51 35 - 96 574 40 60
One of the longest established restaurants in the area, and regularly recommended in the Michelin guide, the quality of the food and service is always consistent and it is situated in central Moraira, by the seafront, and specialising in locally caught fresh fish. Family run, the owners speak English and provide an extremely efficient and friendly service that makes each visit enjoyable - but it is pricey compared to other restaurants in the region so set it aside as a night to dress up and enjoy a good meal. They do a speciality of whole Sea Bass baked in salt, Lubina con sal which is quite superb. They are open all day, serving excellent tapas in the separate bar area and outside tables. It looks up-market but don't be put off as they are far from snooty. Important - if the owners recommend something special that is not on the menu then check the prices as they tend to suggest dishes that are expensive!
L'ALMÁSERA Camí del pas s/n – Teulada
L'ANDRAGÓ Cami de l'Andragó, 7 - Moraira Tel: 96 574 57 20
LAS PALMERAS Placa de la Sort - Moraira Tel: 96 649 08 08
In Moraira Village,where Peter is still entertaining patrons after more than 20 years in the area.
LAS VEGAS Avda. Santa Catalina – Teulada Tel: 98 574 03 41
Not the Las Vegas in Moraira, this is in Teulada at the top of Moraira valley . Menu del dia €12-18 (incl wine) if you arrive before 2pm for lunch. 3 course menus starting from 12 euros to 18 euros includes half bottle wine. Excellent choice.
LE DAUPHIN Playa del Portet – Moraira Tel: 96 649 04 32
Our favourite. Wonderful, Michelin recommended, restaurant serving excellent food by a young Belgian couple, with bags of experience, and with spectacular sea views from the restaurant and the laid-out terraces. A lot of money has been spent on the layout of the restaurant and it is worth just visiting for a drink at lunchtime on the outside terrace. There aren't many tables so booking is essential during the summer, especially for the outside tables, as it is known to be one of the best restaurants for outside dining in the area. Particularly good value are their set priced lunches (Fri-Sun) and dinners which includes wine, but you must request the lunch set menu. Closed Mondays, mid Nov-mid Dec & mid Feb - mid March. Take the road to El Portet beach and take the left walkway along the beach and the restaurant is above to the left.
L´ESBARDAL C/ La Mar, 13 – Moraira Tel: 96 574 57 06
LLOC DEL POBLE C/ Castillo, 7 - Moraira Tel: 96 574 51 65
LOS LEONES Calle Lérida - Sol Park - Moraira Tel: 96 574 09 47
MEDITERRÁNEO Avda. del Mediterráneo, 36 – Teulada Tel: 96 574 06 07
MESON EL REFUGIO Calle Almacenes 5, Tel 34 96 574 4774
Great value Spanish restaurant with nice cheerful owners. Excellent value menu of the day for 14 euros including half bottle of wine.(Mar 09) Open 18:00-24:00. Closed Tues
MICHETA Urbanisation San Jaime, Moraira/Calpe. Tel 34 966 497 114
Offering a daily menu and evening menu, a nice place to relax, over looking the golf course. Use of a large swimming pool and tennis courts. The large terrace overlooking the sea and the Peñon de Ifach provides a magical setting for summer time flamenco, bbq, entertainment, concerts etc.
MOLINET Crta. Moraira-Calpe Km. 1 - Moraira Tel: 96 649 15 20
MONROE´S CARVERY C/ Mar Negro, 7 – Moraira Tel: 96 574 41 14
Just out of Moraira on the Benitachell rd. Traditional Sunday lunches with all the trimmings. Self service. Seating inside & out on the terraces. Carvery every day and evening. Weekly entertainment.
MONTIVIDEO Crta Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell. Tel: 96 649 3285
Very good restaurant, on the left on the Benitachell-Cumbre del Sol road, this old farmhouse surrounded by vineyards has been converted into an excellent, reasonably priced, restaurant in an attractive setting. Open all year but closed on Thursdays.
MORAVIT C/ Dakar, 1 - Moraira Tel: 96 574 71 34
OPTIONS Avda la Paz, 2 – Moraira Tel: 96 649 18 99
Consistently good food & service. British owned. Near the Castle. Intimate setting , stylish decor. OK for older children but not for the young ones. Extensive single malt whisky menu! Must book
OLIVE TREE Camino de Paellero,4 – Moraira Tel: 96 649 06 55
is right next door to the Gemisant (see above) and specialising in a range of very interesting international dishe. The food is both good and ecnomical. The restaurant is beautifully presented and a relaxing evening can be enjoyed.
PASTA HOUSE Ctra. Moraira, Edif. Kristal. Nr Mr Car office.Tel: 966 491 898
Elisa, the chef regards pasta as a part of the Italian philisophy. Since its opening in 2002, the Pasta House strives to bring some of the "Pasta Philisophy" to all its customers..
PEDRAMALA Carretera La Fustera,Pedramala, Benissa/Moraira Tel 96 574 83 15
Good food, friendly service, and a warm ambience. Open every day. Birthday parties, Events, Music concerts, BBQ Evenings.
PISCIS Calle Marjeleta 10, Moraira. Tel: 96 649 0616
Excellent modern fish restaurant, on a side street, in the new development by Moraira beach. A very modern style of aqua themed coloured glass panels, the impression is of a stylish, expensive restaurant but the prices are very reasonable for dishes well-executed. Staff are very friendly and welcoming.
PIZZERIA AZUR Avda. de Madrid, 3 - Moraira Tel: 96 674 53 11
PIZZERIA LA POLENTA Avda. del Mediteráneo, 35 - Teulada Tel: 96 574 01 07
PIZZERIA OASIS Avda. del Portet, 163 - Moraira Tel: 96 649 07 50
PIZZERIA PIZZA TIGRE Plaza de la Iglesia - Moraira Tel: 96 649 09 11
PIZZERIA PULCINELLA Avda. De la Paz, 14 – Moraira Tel: 96 649 23 67
POLLO LOCO Ctra Moraira-Calpe km 1.5 – Moraria Tel: 96574 8360
Low price, great for Chicken, Steak & salads. Also have lovely soups. Dinner only.
PORTET C/ Puerto Lápice, 2 – Moraira Tel: 96 574 42 93
PULCINELLA Avda. De la Paz 14, Moraira, Tel 96 649 23 67
Pulcinella is more of a restaurant than a pizza house, though it is in fact both. So if you want a bit more than a pizza, or just want to settle for a pizza then this is the place to go. A lot of Spanish eat here late.
RACÓ DE L´ARRÓZ Avda. de Madrid, 3 - Moraira Tel: 96 574 43 72
Typical Spanish rice dishes; Paella, Fideua, and Arroz a Banda, near the Port in Moraira.
RESTAURANTE CA PEPE 1 Calle Haya 51 on your way to the Swiss Hotel, Tel 34 96 649 0144
By many seen as the best restaurant between Denia and Elche they really filled the gap that was left by two Michelin star Girasol a few years ago. Their young chef Ivan Grau, has been trained by the best (Martin Beresategui, Gorden Ramsay, etc) Only the best products (much of them freshly picked from their own garden) are used and the meats always have that perfect point of matureness
RIBS PLACE Moriara town centre.Tel 965 745 003
Formerly known as Axe Brazil. Small friendly restaurant serving the best spare ribs in Moraira! Kebabs - Steaks - Swordfish - Salmon and more. Open 7 days a week from 6pm!
RINCÓN DE MORAIRA C/ Dr. Calatayud - Moraira (up the covered stairs leading to Av.del Portet) Tel: 96 649 03 60
Good choice of cuisine. Views of the main cobbled street from the restaurant's balcony.
RINCÓN DE OLIVER Ctra. Teulada-Benitachell km5 – Teulada Tel: 96 574 10 50
RONDO Just out of Moraira on the Calpe road. Tel. 96 649 7107
Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and good food, a creative international menu carefully selected wines and a warm welcome await you. Open evenings from 7pm for dining in the restaurant or outside on the delightful terrace
RUSTY'S Pta. Alcassar 60 Tel: 96 649 5385
Very popular friendly English-owned (Jo & Dave Clark) informal restaurant and bar serving simply cooked food, including barbecue and outside tables in the summer. The main draw is the quality live music organised weekends. On the Moraira-Benitachell road at the entrance, signposted, to Pueblo Alcasar and Cumbre del Sol developements.
SAMURAI Japanese Moraira Tel 965745459
New 2009. An excellent night out with Teipan show. Great fun for all the family.
SATARIS Just out of Moraira on the Calpe road. (Turn right at Pedros Ferreteria) Tel: 965 747 134
Offering an A La Carte Menu.
STEAK HOUSE Crta. Moraira-Calpe – Moraira
close to Huang Zhou (see above) is where either beef or pork steaks come raw with a heated 'stone' to let you cook it yourself.
TABARCA C/ La Mar, 41 - Moraira Tel: 98 649 24 19
TABERNA SUIZA Crta. Moraira-Calpe Km.3 - Moraira Tel: 96 649 82 22
TAPES TAPES BAR Avda. Mediterráneo, 108 - Teulada Tel. 96 574 07 08
TASCA BILBO C/ Dr. Calatayud, 49 - Moraira Tel: 96 649 02 33
TASCA MORAIRA C/ Playas, 4 - Moraira Tel: 96 649 24 10
TERRA VINA Moraira town center near Royal bar
Wine bar and cold tapas. Excellent selection of wines by the glass and hams etc.
On the coastal road from Moraira to Calpe, past a big Pepe Ia Sal Supermarket. It is signposted just after this shopping area and calls for a very sharp right hand turn to find the restaurant.
TIMON Calpe - Moraira Coast Rd, Tel: 965836155
Great seafood, especially the prawns. Also pasta dishes. The upstairs restaurant is a lovely place - fabulous views, good value menu de dia(lunchtime only) and nice a la carte menu. Downstairs - more of a snack bar but same great setting. Cute bay with lots of little sailing boats and scuba diving going on. On the Calpe road heading out of Moraira, you will spot Timon sign on the left a couple of kilometres before reaching Calpe.
TITOS Crta. Moraira-Teulada - Moraira Tel: 96 574 52 81
TROPICO Plaza del Ayuntamiento - Teulada Tel: 96 574 05 24
UPPERCLUB Puerto Nautico, Moraira Tel: 96 574 4329
Situated in the yachtclub in the very heart of Moraira with lovely views over the Marina. Come and feel the relaxed ambiance with a exclusive cocktail, chillout music & faboulous tapas in our sushibar.
VILLA DA VINCI C/ Cabo San Antonio, 2 – Moraira Tel: 96 574 86 31
VISTA IFACH C/ Castillo, 11 - Moraira
ZENSATEZ Creative Tapas/Restaurant overlooking the sea. Carreterra Moraira-Calpe No.64, Moraira Tel 965744255
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