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Ferry routesORGANISE YOUR TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS - should you fly, drive, travel by train, or even arrive by boat, it is very simple and we try to help in providing enough information for you to make that choice. 

Getting there

The N332 national road passes within 1-2 kilometres of all the coastal resorts we cover.
The A-7 coastal Motorway, exits 64-62, is within 1-2 kilometres of the resorts we cover.
ALICANTE (90km - 1¼ hrs), VALENCIA (120km - 1½ hrs), MURCIA (200km - 2 hrs), MADRID (400km - 3½-4 hrs) have good motorway connections to our area.
Taxi Rank - costly and not adviseable.
Taxi Pre-arranged - the local car hire firm can arrange a taxi, upto 4 persons, which is more economical. Go to Local Taxi>> for more information.
Airport Bus - the C-6 (bus stop 30) goes to central Alicante (takes about 40 mins.) where you can catch the coastal bus service, or take a taxi across town to the port to catch the coastal narrow-guage railway (below).
Shuttle Direct>> - Organise Minibus transfers from/to the airports, from any resort and any number of persons.
National railway - RENFE>> offers an excellent fast service between major cities -
MADRID - the journey Madrid/Valencia takes 3 hrs & 20 mins (stopping once) costing 41 Euros; Madrid/Alicante takes nearly 4 hrs (stopping 6 times) costing 40 Euros. It might be an idea to hire a car at Madrid and drive down, taking about 5 hrs on good motorways, saving hassle of taxis, catching trains then hiring a car. Clients have done this and not experienced any problems as well-signposted.
BARCELONA - direct to Valencia, takes 3 hrs and costs 38 Euros. 
Local railway - There isn't a local service between Alicante & Valencia linking all the resorts en-route.
There is only a narrow-gauge service ('Ferrocarril de la Generalitat Valenciana' or FGV) between Alicante (by the port) and north to Denia  - very slow and stops at numerous local stations, but very scenic as you hug the coast in some places. There is no interchange onto the national network at Denia: there is at Alicante but it is some distance across the city to the main-line station, so you would have to take a taxi to connect. If that is your chosen form of transport then see Railway Tips>> below.
There is an hourly service, operating between Alicante to Valencia, which stops at all the main resorts. You will have to get from the resort bus stop to your accommodation. Further details below at Bus Tips>>.
A five-times-daily service covering Altea, Calpe, Moraira, Teulada, Benitachell and Javea - very slow as stops everywhere.

Ferry routes between UK and Spain Railway Tips - You can use the slow narrow-gauge railway to Altea, Calpe, Teulada and Denia. Please note:-
It has nothing to do with the state-owned RENFE train system and does not leave from the RENFE train station (estacion de trenes) in central Alicante.
There is no train station for this or any other train at the Airport! It has its own station on the north end of the harbour area of Alicante, located at Avenida de Villajoyosa.
To get there from the airport take the C6 to the Streetcar (tram) station 'Puerta del Mar', take the tram to the port and then walk the last kilometre to the FGV train station. Or simpler still, just take a taxi to the FGV train station.
Your Trip would look like this:
Alicante Airport -> Airport Bus C6 to Alicante Streetcar Station "Puerta del Mar" -> Take Alicante Streetcar to FGV Station -> Change to Narrow Gauge Railway at FGV Station to Altea, Calpe, Teulada (for Moraira) or Denia.

Bus Tips - Buses leave the central bus station in Alicante, to stop at each resort, going upto Denia. The Airport Bus C6 will drop you right beside (just ask the driver to let you out at "estacion de autobuses") and it is quite cheap - 7 Euros to Denia for example.
Alicante Central Bus station is quite big, as buses are more common than trains in Spain.

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