Best euro exchange rate, Villaspain website - Sun 01st July 2012

For security and getting the best exchange rate compare 17 different providers in one go, click here.

Interestingly, if you find Fairfx offering the right deal for you then go to our link here at Fairfx  to sign-up to them, since they give us £5 for every sign-up as an Affiliate of theirs. We will then pass all these receipts onto the charity Save The Children (Registered charity England & Wales (213890) until the end of 2012.

Advice about  Prepaid cards can be found on the moneysavingexpert page, who advise also about Fairfx, below;

 FairFX Top pick card, no spending or 'load' fees

The FairFX* prepaid card charges no spending or foreign 'loading' fees, and can be topped up for free by debit card or bank transfer.

The link above takes you via comparison site MoneySupermarket, and means the standard £9.95 application fee will be waived if you top up more than €60/$75. In addition, load more than £500 on to one and you'll receive a £5 bonus, further boosting the exchange rate.

To get the fee structure described here, you must select either the euro or US dollar card- so it's no good if you need a more exotic currency. If you spend in a different currency to the one you selected, you'll be hit with a 1.4% charge for every transaction.

However, with FairFX it's the rate on each day you load up (not spend) that counts. So if the pound strengthens after you load the card, you will lose out. Conversely, if it weakens you'd gain. You get a different rate each time you load the card.

The only cost is €1.50/$2 to withdraw cash from an ATM, less than most credit or debit cards. You get FairFx's own exchange rate, which changes daily but generally beats the other prepaid cards and cash rates (compare it with's best).

Why not help yourself and help Save The Children's charity at no cost to anyone

Posted by Bruce Gibson

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