Remember remember the Valencia Fallas in mid March - Mon 05th March 2018

 I recall the first time I went to the festival of fire some 30 odd years ago and travelled into the city on a motorbike. Not all the way from the UK I hasten to add, but staying with friends outside Valencia was told it was an easy way of getting into the city and fun too. Having not ridden a motorbike since I was a 12 year old (off road), meant having a lesson by a good friend who happens to be a motorbike fan, so a 30 min run around  a disused football area and learning to change gears and lean over on the curve was the lesson. I hour later 2 bikes and a pillion friend on the back of my borrow3ed bike certainly concentrated the mind, especially going along the motorway and between cars in city. A very trusting pillion rider I must say at the time.

After a great evening out seeing the spectacular displays before they were lit up was most memorable, as well as the return journey  the next day for the central square final day of the big bang, whereby at noon an enormous series of hanging bangers are set off building up to a huge crescendo.

It was also my first introduction to churros, which are long doughnuts that you can also dip into hot chocolate; fattening, of course, but nonetheless enjoyable.

Whatever means you use to get into Valencia, you simply get around on foot. Take the map and comfortable walking shoes. When seeing the displays do pick out the one you want to see burn on the final night, should you return for the burning, that is .

For further info see our Fiestas page and our previous blog

Posted by Bruce Gibson

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