Trials and tribulations of making an office move - Tue 24th May 2011

 During March we relocated to larger premises, within Benissa, of 115 sq mts.

A simple move from existing premises nearby, though we were completely unprepared for a very long delay on the electrical connection from Iberdrolla (Spain's monopoly utility firm on electric supply).

The previous owner had allowed his electrical supply to be disconnected, which ultimately meant having to arrange for drawing up a plan of the existing premises by an independent engineer,Ā then submit to the Town Hall for approval of change of use from an ex furniture shop and office to an office with storage: to then submit the Town Hall document and plan to Iberdrolla for approval and connection. Basically, it required 3 documents from three officials, each costing between 300 and 400 Euros, to simply get a connection from an existing meter on a previously existing shop. Has bureaucracy gone too far or is it that certain bodies are in need of some additional fees, or a bit of both, I ask? Attempts to circumvent change of use proved fruitless.

Throw in a few fiestas over the period, including Easter, and all the wonderful parades going on locally, and you find Iberdrolla is in no particular rush. TenĀ weeks after taking possession we now have an electricity supply. It could have been longer if it had not been the persistenceĀ from our great team in Spain, to chase Iberdrolla. All very odd as the water and telephone utility services were connected on the first day of moving, with no paperwork required.

Even the solicitor that handled the tenancy agreement could only smile at the services of Iberdrolla, so only makes me think about how lucky we are in the UK not to have to have that anymore.

Fortunately, the premises are double fronted, with huge plate glass windows giving plenty of natural light, and the supervisors were able to connect to our database for instructions on bookings from their own home computers, so no panic existed.

Benissa is on the N332 road, being the centre of our servicing area between Calpe and Denia, with just a very short drive into Moraira, so is an excellent location.

No move planned for at least 5 years, so settling in is now complete!

Posted by Bruce Gibson

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