What's in a villa name and is description honest? - Wed 28th March 2012

A villa by the name of Water Music in Moraira happens to be next to a water treatment sewage works.

Most owners will choose a Spanish villa name to perhaps reflect the view from the villa, or a flower or their family name. Simple, memorable and innocent, but what do you conjure up when you hear the name villa Water Music:  the sound of a nice bubbling brook or water fall perhaps.

I discovered such a villa in Moraira, that I came across, is privately advertised as Water Music at £1300 pw, although the water music  happens to be the municipal open sewage treatment works immediately next to the villa, and caters for several hundred villas. Yes, you can hear the sound of water from the villa, but you can also smell it too.

Fine if this is explained in the villa description, but misleading and unfair when it's not advised of, as is the case here.

A pukka agent would ensure a full and proper description and that disclosure is made of anything untoward, particularly an open sewage treatment plant that is next door.

Private advertisers, as in this case, can understandably be more biased about their own property: after all, it is their investment, pride and joy. Perhaps the Spanish term 'villa Aguas Residuales' would be appropriate, meaning sewage works, but then in Spanish it would be misleading too if not mentioned in the details.

Posted by Bruce Gibson

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