Mosquitoes and best ways to handle them - Tue 14th November 2017

Wherever we travel in the world to warmer climes, we can be subject to the bite of the female mosquito, and even from my experience to lesser warmer climes  like Scotland, whereby we can fall victim to the swarms and bites of the mighty midge.

The Southeast Asian Tiger mosquito has now become more prevalent in Southern Europe including Spain, for which this insects wings are not heard and being very small are necessarily seen, unlike the regular mosquito.

The facts about mosquitoes can be found in this very helpful in depth guide, but if you do not have the time to digest this then  the most important consideration is point 26 as follows;

DEET is considered the 'gold standard' of mosquito repellents. Endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), DEET doesn't mask the smell of the host or jam the insect's senses - mosquitoes simply don't like it because it smells bad to them. A product containing 10 percent DEET can protect you for up to 90 minutes. Two other repellents, picaridin and lemon-eucalyptus oil, have also proven effective and are now recommended by the CDC.

A useful guide as to products, reviews and their Deet content can be found here, thus underlining the need to get a repellent that has at least  a 30% Deet ingredient for a good level of protection over time.

·      Mosquitoes are more prevalent between the months of May to September and get attracted to darker clothes, perfumes, sweat and even ones breath.

·      If you see any stagnant water in flower pots or bird baths at your holiday villa, then do discard the water as it can be a breeding ground for them.

·      Supermarkets do not tend to sell the higher quality products with Deet in Spain, so you need to go to a pharmacy to buy them. Ideally, do your research and buy sufficient quantity before you travel.

·Importantly, do buy the liquid plug-in for a peaceful night’s sleep, which can be purchased in supermarkets everywhere in Spain, or the UK. If you’re anything like me then just one mosquito is enough to keep you awake until it’s dead, that is.

·      Villas that are more elevated tend to get fewer mosquitoes than those located within an enclosed area lower down in a valley, whereby  being a few degrees cooler and more exposed to the wind keeps them more at bay.

Tip. If you have no mosquito nets on the villa windows, or even if you do, simply close the windows in the bedroom and any adjoining ensuite and spray the room at a high level and around curtains and wardrobes, as well as putting a single liquid anti mosquito plug-in into the socket.

I find that even with the windows open at night without a mosquito net, the plug-ins work perfectly. However,  do ensure, for your own piece of mind, that your mosquito blind is in position in the bedroom.

Posted by Bruce Gibson

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