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  • Taking your pet abroad in 2021?

    Thu 25th February 2021

    Some helpful inforamation about taking your pet abroad in 2021.

    Extract from MoneySavingExpert
    Taking your pet to the EU or Northern Ireland? What you need to do
    The new rules only apply to dogs - including assistance dogs - cats and ferrets. If you want to take another animal abroad, you'll have to comply with the national rules of the EU country you're going to.
    You also won't be able to take more than five pets to an EU country or Northern Ireland unless you’re attending or training for a competition, show or sporting event - and you'll need to provide proof of this.
    If you want to take five or fewer dogs, cats or ferrets to the EU or Northern Ireland from 1 January 2021, you'll need to complete the following steps the first time you go:
    You must have your dog, cat or ferret microchipped, if they're not already
    You must vaccinate your dog, cat or ferret against rabies – your pet must be at least 12 weeks old before it can be vaccinated
    You'll need to wait 21 days after the primary vaccination before travel
    You must visit your vet with your pet to get an animal health certificate, no more than 10 days before travel
    In addition, if travelling to Finland, Malta, Northern Ireland, Norway or Republic of Ireland with a dog, you need to ensure it's received treatment for tapeworm one to five days before arrival in these countries. This needs to be detailed on the pet's animal health certificate
    The following requirements will allow you to take your pet away for a maximum of four months. If you remain in the EU or Northern Ireland for longer than four months, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs says you should speak to a vet in the EU or Northern Ireland regarding documentary options for onward travel or returning to Great Britain.
    As long as you keep your pets' rabies vaccinations up-to-date, you don't need to get repeat vaccinations for subsequent trips to the EU or Northern Ireland (other than tapeworm treatments for dogs visiting those countries listed above). But you will need to apply for a new animal health certificate for each trip.
    Remember to take your animal health certificate with you when you travel, alongside proof of microchipping, rabies vaccinations and tapeworm treatment (where required), as you made need to show these when you enter the EU country or Northern Ireland.

    Posted by Bruce Gibson

  • List of attractions of Calpe and what to do

    Thu 18th January 2018

    Attraction of Calpe and what to do

      Calpe is known as the artists’ town and is a most popular tourist destination on the Costa Blanca. You’ll find it most picturesque with quaint little streets and squares and many bars and restaurants, most of them with a lively outside terrace: an ideal place to spend a pleasant summer evening. Calpe will surprise you with its daring contrasts, where modern buildings and wide avenues harmonizing with an ancient fishing village, where locals are proud of their past, yet welcome tourists and visitors with warm-hearted hospitality.

    The town is full of history and culture. Its strategic location on the coast has attracted many voyagers and settlers throughout history. Remains of Iberian tribes were discovered around the Rock of Ifach. Later, the Romans founded a prosperous colony on the coastal plain whose main activity was commerce in dried, salted fish. During the Medieval period, the farming population was spread out in a number of independent settlements. Christians and Moors lived peacefully for a time, but the local population suffered continual attacks by pirates during the 14th to the 17th centuries. Calpe entered a period of redevelopment during the 18th century, consolidating the town in the 19th century and laying the foundations for its current prosperity as a major attraction for both national and international tourism.

    What to do

    1.   In the ancient town centre, next to the Moorish quarter (Arrabal) there is a group of monuments comprising the Torreo de la Peça, the Town Walls and the church known as the Iglesia Vieja, the sole surviving example of Mudejar-Gothic architecture in the province of Valencia. Along the coast, there is the Moli (tower) and the remains of an ancient Roman salted fish industry that was recently discovered.
     2.   The Peñon de Ifach (Rock of Ifach), otherwise known as the northern rock in comparison to the southern rock we know as Gibralter, is a nature reserve. The limestone outcrop emerges from the sea to a height of 332 mts and linked to the shore by rock debris. It’s home to numerous rare plants, including a number of endemic species, over 300 species of animals and a nesting site for colonies of sea birds and other birds. Whilst it is very popular with mountain climbers, there is a very safe pathway that leads you to the top for the regular tourist. Allow 1.5 hours to get to the top, so you’ll need to take some refreshments and the all important suncream and floppy hat. At the base there is a Roman archeological dig exposing a walled enclave.
     3.  The beaches, as you would expect on the Costa Blanca, are white sand and stretch long distances. The principle one being the Arenal-Bol Beach is located at the foot of the Rock of Ifach.  It is made up of fine sand, clear water and equipped with services.  It was awarded the blue flag in 2008 and it stretches approx. 1,400 metres with an average width of 60 metres. A fully equipped beach to enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean Sea with the family. The Cantal Roig Beach is another of Calpe’s beaches that also has a Blue Flag, but just 200 mts long. It is next to the port and the Rock of Ifach. Expect to find it also well equipped with deckchairs, toilets, walkways, a lifeguard service and foot showers. The Levante or La Fossa Beach is a very popular beach in Calpe, located on the northern side of the Rock of Ifach, which fronts the tall hotel and apartment buildings.  It stretches for some 950 metres and is the best equipped beach in Calpe with walkway, children’s park, motorized rental, beach umbrellas and deckchairs, foot showers, lifeguard service, toilets and showers, changing rooms and a sports area.
     4.  The Salinas is a natural salt lake with Flamingos and Herons, which is located parallel to the Levante and Fossa Beach. Unless you are a keen bird watcher, then simply stop by when travelling through Calpe.
      5.  Moors and Christians Fiesta in honour of the "Santisimo Cristo del Sudor" patron saint of Calpe since 1682 is not to be missed. Starts with an invasion of the beach by the Moors. Defence of the town by the Christians with a gun battle. The locals are members of Christian or Moorish clubs "filas" eg. Almogávares, Almorávides or Templaris and dress up accordingly, then march down the streets.
    The ubiquitous spectacular firework display and parade occurs at the end of October each year, so one to take note of. Other fiesta include the following;
    anuary 5th - The Three Kings. The children receive their presents from the three kings at the Plaza Colon.
    March 19th - "Fallas" Giant papier-mache statues on satirical themes that are ceremonially burnt.
    June 24th - "San Juan" Hogueras de San Juan. Chapel of La Cometa.
    July 16th - "Fiesta de Carmen" in honour of the Virgin and in remembrance of fishermen lost at sea.
    August 5th - "Virgen de las Nieves". A century’s old fiesta with an impressive firework display. Offering flowers to the Virgin.
    6 .  For golf lovers the Don Cayo is close by with panoramic views of the Mediterranean. It’s a 3078m, 9 holes, par 36. In addition there is the Club de Golf Ifach, which also give you panoramic sea views from the clubhouse. Urbanizacion San Jaime. For tennis lovers there is the Calpe Tennis Club. 6 clay courts open to the public, as well as the Altea Hills Tennis Club with 4 clay courts open to the public too. Other sports activities include sailing at the yacht harbour, scuba diving and snorkeling.
     7.  If you venture out with a small boat or kayak then you can gain access to the ordinarily inaccessible coves that are ideal for fishing and diving such as the Collao Cove or Racó del Corb and the Gasparet Cove. For diving enthusiast the The Racó Cove is accessible by foot through the Prince of Asturias’ Ecological Promenade, at the foot of the Rock of Ifach.  It is well equipped with watch guard and rescue service, as well as toilets. Other accessible coves include the Manzanera Cove, which is some 200 meters wide, is made up of stones and boulders, Les Urques Cove is located south of the Calpe coast, close to Puerto Blanco and to the Puerto Blanco beach, the Morelló Cove is located next to the Arenal-Bol beach on the Infanta Elena Seafront. It is a small cove extending approx. 50 metres. The Penyal Cove is accessible by foot through a small path located on the northern side of the Rock of Ifach. The Cabalga Cove is next to La Fossa beach and stretches approx. 100 metres of rounded stones or boulders. It is equipped with bins, toilets, foot showers and has a lifeguard service. Finally the Mallorquí Cove is very close to the Les Basetes Sailing Club.  However, it is a small cove though popular with divers.
     8.  One excursion you might wish to undertake is a day trip to Benidorm by car, or take a boat from Calpe marina that’s located alongside the old fishing port.

    This Blog gives you some helpful information about a wine tour trip from Calpe.

    For Villa listings in Calpe go to Calpe villas to rent.

    Posted by Bruce Gibson

  • A great wine day out within a 30min drive of Calpe

    Fri 16th June 2017

    I used to import wines into the UK from Europe including Spain some 30 years ago, but in those days quality wines of note were only from the Rioja area and some from Torres in Catalonia, whereas other areas never had the modern vinification methods, nor the technique. In those days, on a trip to Utiel Requena, between Valencia and Madrid, I recall at harvest time that the juice never got cooled in the process whatsoever. As you now know Spain became over the last few decades a top producer of exceptional high quality wines and many are from smaller producers.

    I am not a lover of the traditional very oaky Rioja’s, but I am a lover of a multitude of wines produced in Spain by both large and most impressively smaller producers.

    Within an hour’s drive of Moraira you may wish to include a trip to Enrique Mendoza’s bodega, for which details and maps are shown, below.

    A few experiences have been posted on tripadvisor

    so for a cost of around 20 Euros per person including snacks, you’ll have a most interesting and informative couple of  hours. You need to book in advance via the phone or via their website at bodegasmendoza

    If you are staying in one of our villas in Calpe , then it it just 30 mins away. If you are staying in at one of our villas at Moraira  then it is around 50 mins to drive their via the N332, or quicker if you take the AP7 motorway.

    If you do not get the chance to visit then do try sample their wines from local good wine shops and supermarkets like Pepe La Sal.

    Posted by Bruce Gibson

  • Our Luxury holiday apartment rental in Calpe Spain

    Mon 13th December 2010

    We wanted to rent a villa in Calpe Spain within walking distance to everything because we didn't want car hire. Eventually we decided on an apartment rental which turned out to be spanking new, very clean and made a lovely holiday home, with simple but comfortable furnishings. The larger than average balcony overlooking the beach had some shady parts but caught the sun for most of the day. There was plenty of room on it for a table and four chairs, plus four sun beds. Also, I'm sure most people, like me, love people watching especially in the sun when they can hide behind their sunglasses and no-one knows who you are looking at. I can see the male readers squirming now because they think we don't know when they are oggling the bathing beauties!!! Mind you, works both ways … ha ha!! Plenty of six packs to be seen from our balcony. The kitchen was the last word in technology although with so many tapas bars and restaurants surrounding the flat no-one felt much inclined to cook.

    Downstairs there is an outdoor pool, great for doing lengths, but adjoining it is a wonderful covered heated pool/Jacuzzi with almost a dozen water jets. We had such fun swimming around it turning on the jets to massage various parts of our anatomy. Calpe beach is fabulous sandy and slopes gently into the sea.

    If you walk along the beach to old Calpe you pass the fishing port and in front of it are half a dozen or so fish restaurants where all the fresh catch of the day is laid out on trays, so once you have picked a restaurant you can select a fish. The old town of Calpe is an artists paradise, and many buildings have wonderful frescos painted on their outside walls depicting the battles between the Christians and the Moors amongst other things. In earlier times Calpe was the haunt of Ernest Hemmingway and today still boasts some great restaurants and has a certain glamour about it. For that very special occasion, I suggest you go up the coast to Benidorm Palace, possibly the best cabaret restaurant in Europe. You can get tickets and a coach to take you there from the neighboring hotel, and although it is mass catering, the food and wine, which is all included in the ticket price is good value. We will certainly be returning and may try a Calpe villa holiday next time.


    Posted by Diana Jarvis, London




  • Gift vouchers for family and friends

    Thu 25th November 2010

    A perfect gift


    If you are looking for a present for someone special, VillaSpain Holiday Gift Vouchers provide the answer. Buy a voucher here to mark that special occasion, from anniversaries to weddings, retirements, Christmas or birthdays.

    Remember, book a short break with us in 2011 and get a £50 voucher towards your Summer 2011 holiday. Go on, get away more.

    What are your top tips for gifts, and what would you like to receive? Is your room 101 crammed with unwanted gifts, and do you like the idea of providing your loved ones the ease of buying you the perfect useful present?
    Email your views to

    Posted by Bruce Gibson

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